Melissa And Doug Multi-level Solid Wood Dollhouse W/ Family Of 5 Dolls

Melissa And Doug Multilevel Solid Wood

Just one of the best characteristics for this dollhouse is the fully furnished wooden dollhouse comes with five spacious rooms, two movable staircases and five working exterior doors. Other highlights consist of exceptional quality and value. It's 28"H x 15.5"L x 24.5"W and it weighs roughly 19 lbs. Best price Melissa And Doug Multi-level . If you prefer a good deal for this dollhouse, check out the market link.

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With its all-wood construction and handcrafted style, the Melissa and Doug Multi-level Wooden Dollhouse offers long-lasting, superior quality which has the possible to final for generations. This charming house comes complete with a household members of five, folk-art style dolls and 19 pieces of all-wood furniture. Recommended for kids ages three and up, this classic, timeless dollhouse encourages hours of imaginative fun.

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The completed dollhouse sports a cheery exterior with lavender and pink detailing. Two wooden staircases connect the floors; they're movable and removable, which offers the house's configuration added versatility. Five working doors, lattice-style windows, and two balconies provide charming finishing touches. Its handcrafted, hand-painted appearance and all-wood construction give it a charming and timeless feel. Turn the home around to view its 5 spacious rooms on three floors.

The house measures 24. 5 inches when assembled. 5 x 28 x 15.

The dolls themselves -- a mother, father, two children, and an infant  Ealso echo the house's folksy, handcrafted good quality. The limbs are bendable, so you can position the dolls to sit perfectly within the dining chairs, on the sofa, as well as on the little hand-painted toilet. A couple of minor drawbacks: the genuine cloth outfits cannot be removed, for the disappointment of our young youngster tester; and although they'll definitely stand up for the play of young children, their yarn hair and twistable limbs might not last as long as the house and furniture will. They're simple, functional, and durable, with their wooden heads, hands, and wide clog-shaped feet, sweet, painted on smiley faces, glued-on yarn hair, and real cloth clothes.

Durability and Care We found the Multi-level Wooden Dollhouse to be pretty sturdy, but care requirements to be taken to make sure it remains in excellent operating order. However, if just a little bit of care is taken with this beautiful house, it will weather time quite properly and can be passed down to future generations. We discovered that it's best to carry the house from its bottom, rather than grasping any element of its sides, to make sure it stays intact. The painted exterior might possibly also be relatively very easily scratched, and an overly exuberant child could also damage the hinged doors. For example, it cannot be lifted by its roof, as this will pull the leading rated section proper off.


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