Fisher-price Loving Family Grand Dollhouse

Loving Family Grand Dollhouse
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Fisher-price Loving Family Grand Dollhouse is undoubtedly adorable. One of the several major characteristics is the dollhouse has eight rooms four in the center and two on each side. It's 15.88"H x 23.38"L x 9"W and has got a weight of 14.5 lbs. To see the great deal I uncovered, click on our store link on this site.


Model: M6552
UPS: 027084642414
Package Quantity: 1

Special miniature details and eight rooms to decorate generate a loving house for the household of four. Open up a world of imaginative play possibilities when you open up the doors. Includes dollhouse, dining space furniture set and four family members. 5"H. Fill the house with happy memories and deck it out with coordinating miniature furniture sets, sold separately. Measures 44"L x 11"W x 30. Item ships in original packaging.

Little girls love to play pretend— especially when it involves a beautiful pink dollhouse! Inspiring Imagination… Dollhouse play is all about inspiriting curiosity while getting lots of fun. Your little girl decides! She's studying self expression and you're studying more and much more about her each time you play together. The grandest house on the block, filled with Victorian specifics. Who gets to clean up the kitchen? With eight extra-large rooms, and easy access to all of them, there is plenty of opportunity for exploration and discovery. This grand house will encourage your youngster to stretch her imagination with realistic rooms, play pieces and household members. Mom, Dad, and baby twins are ready to play"residence"with you! Will breakfast be served in the dining room or will everyone share breakfast in bed? Ages 3 years and up. She can act out family routines she sees every day at home, or dream up her own!

Let's Play Pretend! Before you know it, they'll be off on a wildly imaginative ride, asking questions, role-playing and getting a blast. Help inspire their play, by prompting with story ideas. The Loving Family Grand Dollhouse is the perfect toy for a play date. Maybe its dad's birthday but someone forgot to bake a cake. Ask them how each 1 of many family members could solve the issue and make dad's birthday a specific one. They can take turns being the mommy or daddy, or each take the function of a twin! With fold out sides, there's plenty of room to share using a friend.

Welcome Home… Come residence towards the grandest house on the block. Customized play pieces make furnishing, updating, and decorating the house an exciting activity to share with your tiny girl (additional accessories sold separately ). The spacious third floor tends to make a great playroom or nursery for the twins. When the play is done, the style in the house makes it straightforward to fold up and store every thing inside. Don't forget to look for a lot more particular accessories in the Loving Family dollhouse collection. Every Victorian detail has been thought out with great care, from the majestically curved staircase, towards the leading floor balcony window.

What's In The Box? Loving Family Grand Dollhouse, baby twins, Mom, Dad, dining room table, 2 chairs, and 2 booster seats. Imagination is sure to develop with all the Loving Family Grand Dollhouse.


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