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Loving Family
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A Fisher-price Loving Family - Family Manor is the best doll. I definitely liked that it had the manor has 4 large rooms with realistic design and playful details. Other highlights include provides open ended imaginative play and also includes mom, dad and baby. The UPC barcode for this is 027084906912. It's dimensions are 6.5" Height x 15" Length x 12" Width. Buying a Fisher-price Loving Family - Family Manor . I want you to get the best price when purchasing a dollhouse for your girls, please visit our affilate button on this page.


Model: T4692
UPS: 027084906912
Package Quantity: 1

Little girls love to play pretend— especially when it involves a beautiful pink and purple manor. For girls ages 3 and up. She's studying self expression, and you're studying a lot more and a lot a lot far more about her each time you play together. Your small girl decides! Inspiring Imagination… Dollhouse play is all about inspiring curiosity while getting lots of fun. Role playing and creativity help develop the imagination! This lovely home will encourage your youngster to stretch her imagination with 4 rooms to fill with love and household members. Will Mom and Dad let the baby stay up late tonight, or will they put her to bed early? You will love how easily it folds up for quick storage! She will love the extra-large rooms and fold-out floorplan! With extra-large rooms, and easy access to all of them, there's plenty of opportunity for exploration and discovery. She can act out household routines she sees each and every day at home, or dream up her own!

Let's play pretend! Help inspire their play, by prompting with story suggestions. With fold-out sides, there's plenty of room to share using a friend. You'll be helping them develop their attention spans as they respond to your ideas, or come up with their own! Before you know it, they'll be off on a wildly imaginative ride, asking questions and getting a blast! The Loving Family - Family Manor is just the right size for a play date. They can each take turns being Mom, Dad or baby.

Welcome Home! Don't forget to look for more particular accessories in the Loving Family™ dollhouse collection. Every detail has been thought out with great care on both floors with extendable play areas on the ground level. Come home for the prettiest house on the block! Customized play pieces make furnishing, updating, and decorating the house an exciting activity to share with your little girl (additional accessories sold separately ). When the play is done, the style of the house tends to make it easy to fold up and store everything inside.

What's In The Box? Family Manor dollhouse with three figures: Mom, Dad, and baby. Realistic styling adds to the fun and expands the imagination!


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